About Us

Secure English Language Teaching System (SELTS) is an ideal learning system for those who are eager to improve their English language skills. Our mission is

“To provide students with a State of the Art English learning system that improves their reading, writing, listening and communication skills, to enable them to progress with confidence in their professional fields”.

SELTS is not just an English language Centre that caters to the preparatory requirement of students for academic admissions or immigration purposes and for the development of language and communication skills as well as preparing students for academic admission or immigration through the improvement of their language and communication skills, SELTS also helps them develop other skills they will need in the workplace. The provision of advanced technology to both online as well as on-campus learners, the 24/7 online availability of tutors and a unique variety of the very latest interactive sessions, make SELTS distinct from any other Language Centre.

Join us to find out about our all language solutions under one roof to enhance your professional abilities.